Urban Economy​

How we do it

Our office has distinguished experience in several projects in the field of urban economics, where the methods of planning and managing activities have changed radically in the past decades, and the problems have become more evident.

AFM studies the factors of the forces of attraction and expulsion of economic activities and the population, which in turn may lead to growth, shrinkage or transformation in urban areas.

 Therefore our office, through its specialization in urban economics, is not only concerned with analyzing the spatial system, but goes beyond that to know the direction of change and development in those Urban areas, as it researches urban problems and their relationship to spatial economy and sustainable development.

Thus, the field of urban economics in our office has become an essential part that supports many projects

projects in this field

  • Consultation services to study primary economic feasibility of investment projects in Al Medina region
  • Urban economy study for New Taif project
  • Preparing investment detailed plan for Aseer coast region
  • Study comprehensive plan for development of municipal investments in Al Medina
  • Monitor economic indicators and stimulate investment for Buraidah and Al Medina
  • Urban economic study of the local plan project for Baljurashi city.
Projects Last 20 Yrs

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