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Urban survey is one of the most important basics studies of the current situation of any city because of its direct impact on documenting multiple information with interdependent and complementary relationships aimed at identifying the most important characteristics of cities and the possibility of developing and rehabilitating them.

Our office documents the current conditions of the Kingdom’s cities according to a specific work methodology according to each project and its requirements to analyze the urban structure of study areas in cities and their relationship to the road network, as it establishes a database and GIS for the study area through programs approved by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, including Arc GIS (with its publications).

  • Traffic Surveys
  • Socio-Economic Surveys
  • Field Surveys

projects in this field

  • Property inventory of Al-Mikhhwah
  • Dengue fever control studies and waste disposal for municipalities and rural complexes of Jeddah Governorate Municipality
  • Neighborhoods Classification of Medina
  • Real estate survey for the economic indicators project, Buraidah City
  • Socio-economic surveys of urban observatory projects for cities (Al Medina – Aseer – Al-Jouf- Al-Baha and Middle Region Sector)
  • Urban surveys to update the detailed plan for the city of Buraidah, Al Baha and cities of Al Medina region (Yanbu – Al-Ula -Khyber)
  • Socio-economic survey of the local plans project Al-Baha – Al-Mikhwah -Baljurashi
  • A social and urban survey for the central plans project Al-Baha, Al-Atawlah, Qalwa, Al-Mikhwah.
  • Urban survey of slums in the city of Sakaka -Duma -Qurayyat, and some neighborhoods of Al-Medina, Makkah and Hail
  • Infrastructure Survey, Sakaka city.
Projects Last 20 Yrs

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