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This part of our office works is concerned with designing gardens, parks and various landscaping works AFM is concerned with coordinating sites in a way that helps to integrate, interconnect and coordinate the urban environment to better serve human requirements and needs, which require a homogeneous and balanced interaction with nature with its various elements.
Our office also aims, through its work in landscaping, to get out of the monotony in architecture and add excitement to the urban environment and to satisfy the human desire to approach the natural components of the environment, which is considered its first cradle.
Coordination of sites is an indispensable complement to the completion of the design of any project, as the use of plants and the various elements of coordination of the external environment represents a balance and integration with the architectural shapes and blocks present on the site.
Our office has its vision and experiences in several projects that achieve the vision of sites coordination’s as an art and science of engineering external sites.

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