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The Information Technology Department in our office specializes in designing and developing information systems through interactive and smart applications and databases that can be used online through Internet applications, mobile applications or desktop applications.

Over several years, our office has been distinguished by the development of a large group of systems that adopt and use the most famous programming and development tools, and we are always keen to use the latest technologies used in this area.

Our office has developed and operated many systems in various fields some of which are:

Urban observatories database systems

It is a system that allows entering and updating indicator data produced for each city. Ability to access each municipality or governmental administration and prepare its data and production and updating all private indicators. Interrogating the values of indicators through comparing and representing them graphically and linking these values with GIS to represent them geographically

Technical transaction systems

The system aims at empowerment government or private agencies to perform their daily tasks (excavation permits -construction licenses… etc.) with high efficiency through updating and developing a digital and interactive map for the city that serves as a comprehensive and integrated database linked to all transactions.

Architectural documentation systems for heritage sites

Architectural documentation of buildings and heritage sites is the first step to preserving and restoring their luster and elegance.This is done through initial reports, drawings, photography, surveying, and generating a three-dimensional documentation.

Project archiving systems

The system allows storing and managing electronic documents for projects and maintains multiple versions of those documents with ease of tabulation and retrieval. The system is considered as an important tool for inquiring and tracking projects in their current and finished states, taking into account the security and protection of data and their circulation according to specific authorizations.

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