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Our Story

The Office of Dr Ahmed Farid Mustapha is one of the oldest consulting offices in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1967 in Riyadh. It was aimed at promoting business advisory design and oversees the implementation of many of the university buildings and private buildings. 

The Office then continued to develop potential and competencies and add many disciplines to the technical staff to include: regional planning, city planning, urban design, design and architectural studies, systems analysis, feasibility studies, financial analysis, economic, civil engineering in all its branches, utility networks, Studies of transport and traffic, overseeing the implementation and project management.

The Bureau has accomplished several unique projects within and outside the Kingdom as shown by precedent experience, whether alone or in cooperation with some of the best global expertise in the areas of planning and engineering.

Our Goals

  • Our goal is to establish a sustainable and innovative intellectual, scientific and technical school in the field of urban planning and design.
  • Preparing a crew of experts and consultants specialized in the fields of urban planning, design and architects with distinguished experiences that enable them to compete globally.
  • Establishing and developing a new consulting work model based on team ideology, dialogue and various majors’ engagement, replacing old school systems that rigid administrative hierarchy.
  • Establishing and developing a new team model that relies on sharing copyrights, management and creativity by providing a transparent /flexible work environment.
  • Achieving the highest quality levels, to increase global competitiveness.
  • Being a role model in spreading thoughts and awareness that reflects our vision through various activities such as Seminars, conferences and much more.
  • Taking a pioneering role “as a voluntary and non-profit” to implement the ideas and principles of the vision and mission in priority areas and to develop revolutionary and successful models that can be generalized.

Vision and Mission


To achieve a comprehensive urban evolution that leads toward economical growth and social stability in the region.


Our mission is to create and produce a modern architecture and urban model, which reflects both our identity and vision of the community needs and national aspirations.

Our Expert Team

We have a distinguished group of expertise consisting of specialized experts from engineers, Master’s and PhD holders.
Qualified and trained to provide modern engineering solutions
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